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International Cycling Coaches SPEED Training
A combination of the latest sport science with specific and proven traditional training methods to produce the fastest cycling specific fitness gains.

Custom Coaching Programs

Individual athletes require individual training programs. None of our training plans are off the shelf, your program is specific to your needs based on what you have done in sport, what you want to accomplish and what you have going on in the rest of your life. Your holistic development as an athlete will be our number one concern; as such you will be provided with specific daily training within the framework of your annual and long range plan. Any and all other training aspects (nutrition, recovery, technical, mental, tactical etc…) will be provided on an ongoing basis specific to your needs.

All programs include
    • Discounts on ICC Training Products such as Polar, Sole, 1st Endurance and PowerTap
    • Specific daily training details with intensities prescribed in a means that is within your technological means (Heart rate, Power etc…)
    • Timely feedback to your questions and adjustments to your training as required.

ProRacer is an ongoing full service coaching program in which you will receive priority coaching with unlimited consultation and one on one training, including technical assessment, testing, bike fitting, motor pacing and any other ethical means to help you achieve your cycling goals.   Best suited to Victoria based professional athletes or those well on their way to a pro career.

  • Includes use of PowerTap or Polar 720 with Power Kit for training and racing.
  • First Month $800, minimum 8 month commitment there after @ $500/ paid monthly, or $5000/year
  • Limited Positions

ExpertRacer is an ongoing coaching program.  Training is evaluated weekly (or as needed) with unlimited feedback and consultation on training, tactics, nutrition or anything at any time either by phone, e-mail or at races. One on one meetings are generally performed on a monthly basis (as required) and can be done on bike (for some technical support). Your training program is monitored and adjusted weekly or as needed, based on an annual training plan that is established after a fair bit of consultation as to your goals, time to train, past athletics etc. Extra services (and service packages) are charged at reduced rates including testing, motor pacing and one on one technical sessions

  • First Month includes a bike fit and test to establish training intensities.
  • First Month $275, minimum 6 month commitment there after @ $195/paid monthly or $2195/year (First month @ $225 for international athletes not in BC for test and fit)
  • Limited Positions

VeloRacer training plans are delivered in 6-week blocks, with 2 electronic feedback reports and adjustments based on athlete initiated requests.  As with all programs, you will receive precise daily workouts with all other factors in your life considered. An annual plan is included if the program is set up as a long-term training program. Unlimited athlete initiated electronic feedback and advice in first 6 Week program.

  • Extra services (and service packages) are charged at reduced rates including testing, motor pacing and one on one technical sessions.
  • First 6 Weeks $200, there after $150/6 weeks
All prices are in Canadian Dollars and include GST
Coaching Programs require 30 days notice for cancellation of services.
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Other Services

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
Do you want to learn more about exacting the best from yourself and others? Maybe you're interested in helping yourself and fellow teammates to perform at their optimum level come race day. Or, you aspire to pass on your enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport to up and coming racers. Unsure of where to begin?  The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is comprised of varying levels of certification.

For NCCP Courses dates see the schedule at News and Events section.

Custom Training Camps
Need something a bit more specific to your needs, please contact:
Steve Lund @ 250-883-1949
email:   coach1@InternationalCyclingCoaches.com
and we'll do our best to accommodate you or your team.

Precision Bike Fitting

Athletes fit on their bikes include Gina Grain, Sandy Espeseth, Ryan Anderson, Sue Reid, Sandra Walter, Simon Whitfield, Greg Bennett, Laura Reback, Lauren Groves, Brent McMahon, Jasper Blake, Samantha McGlone, ….and just about every other pro triathlete training in Victoria BC.

Steve Lund of International Cycling Coaches has performed over 1500 Precision Bike Fits in the last 10 years on cyclists of all abilities and disciplines, including Triathlon specific set-ups for the world's best Ironman and Olympic distance athletes. Years of working with a world-class team of athletes and doctors, combined with a National Coaching Institute education and an extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of cycling and anatomy has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive bike fitting system in Canada. This knowledge and experience is used to perfectly align your bike and body so you can ride faster, smoother and with greater efficiency. Precise measurements of your femur, tibia and torso may be used in your fitting, but more important that these measurements is your individual range of motion and flexibility, past or present injuries and total body alignment, things a computer program or “Fit Formulas” cannot account for. All Precision Bike Fittings include laser precision pedal stroke analysis with feedback and advice specific to your discipline, combined with the right bike set up; you'll be amazed with your results!
Precision Bike Fitting, starts with your feet and SOLE Custom Footbeds
A Precision Bike Fit starts with your feet, perfect alignment is critical for comfort, efficiency and power transfer.
Some cycling shoes are better than others because they are built with better materials and more support. However, nearly all shoes, even the top brands, come pre-molded from the factory and are designed to fit feet like yours, but not designed to fit your feet.
SOLE Custom Footbeds deliver the support necessary to increase blood flow and prevent numbness and swelling as well as reducing hotspots. By supporting the arch you prevent ankle pronation, which properly aligns the leg allowing for more power transfer and less knee instability and pain. At the same time, supporting the arch prevents the dead spot in your pedal stroke caused by your arch flexing and then springing back into position. In short -- SOLE Custom Footbeds enable you to have more power and less pain on every pedal stroke. SOLE Custom Footbeds are scientifically engineered to fit your feet - perfectly. They form a seamless bond between your feet and your footwear. For more information, please contact International Cycling Coaches, we highly recommend SOLE Custom Footbeds with every one of our Precision Bike Fits.
International Cycling Coaches Precision Bike Fit (60-75 minutes) $60 Each Bike
Additional Bike $15
SOLE Custom Footbeds  $40
International Cycling Coaches Platinum Precision Fit  (2-2.5 hours)     $225
Includes SOLE Custom Footbeds and complete Power Output/Heart Rate analysis to fine-tune your normal and aero positions, call for further details.

You may need to replace component parts to achieve correct fit.

Appointments can be made by phone or e-mail,
Contact Steve Lund @250-883-1949

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Coaching FAQ´s

Why do I need a coach?
Any good athlete recognizes the importance of having an advisor who can support their ideas and steer them in the right direction. Your coach should be able to plan and adjust your training to suit you, while keeping your goals in mind. Also we have the best base of knowledge to base a training program for any level of athlete to see their maximum gains.  Why waste your energy worrying about planning your training or whether you're doing the right training when you can have it done for you?

So what will I get from International Cycling Coaches?
We'll ask a lot of questions to get to know you. This is the best way to put together a solid personal training program. Once we've established where you are, and where you want to go we map out a long range plan of how to get there with some intermediate goals and performance measures. You will receive a copy of the plan, broken down into a current annual plan which will show you planned training volume and intensity in each week. More specific training details are determined for between 2 and 6 weeks depending on the time of year. These macrocycles are further broken down into weekly  microcycles with detailed daily workouts. The microcycle plans are adjusted if needed based on your feedback.
Any cycling related questions from Aerobic Threshold to Zipp Wheels can be answered by one of the ICC Team of Experts at anytime to help you better understand your training, eat better, recover optimally or save a few grams on wheels.

Working with a coach long distance, can it work?
Two of the Training Program Packages offered are designed primarily for athletes who are not in the Victoria area. In my time with the National Team I had lots of opportunities to coach athletes who were either not based in Victoria, or who were on the road most of the time. ICC can put together a really good program, provided we get the right information from you. We have designed a few forms to assist in this, which will be up on the web site, or they can be e-mailed at any time. The second part in a successful training program is the feedback. Again, we've got a web site form to track your training and race performance, that should take less than 10 minutes to fill in at the end of each week, it comes direct to ICC, and the information is filed, graphed and saved.  Adjustments can be quickly made your training program, as well as suggestions and it gets back to you later that day. Sunday PM and Monday are dedicated to athletes feedback from the previous week. Assuming you have easy access to the internet it will work great. Depending on the Program you can also call or e-mail with questions at anytime for me or my associated Sport Science and Cycling Team of Experts. All of our Programs come with a software copy of the training diary for you to keep and use, information about the ICC Training System and everything from carbo loading to the best recovery techniques. And of course you can always phone as well. Any other cycling related questions, just ask, we should have it all covered. These two programs are the ExpertRacer and VeloRacer International.

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Custom Coaching Programs

Individual athletes require individual training programs. None of our training plans are off the shelf, your program is specific to your needs based on what you have done in sport, what you want to accomplish ... Custom Coaching Program

Other Services

NCCP Courses
Custom Courses
Bike Fitting
Other Services

Coaching FAQ's

Why do I need a coach?

So what will I get from International Cycling Coaches?

Working with a coach long distance, can it work?
Two of the Training Program Packages offered are designed
primarily for athletes who...Frequently Answered Questions

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