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Steve Lund is one of the few NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 4 Certified Coaches and NCCP Master Course Conductors in Canada, graduating from the University of Victoria's National Coaching Institute in 1998. A former Canadian National Cycling Team and Canadian Olympic Triathlon Team Cycling Coach, Steve has been coaching full time since 1994. Many of Steve's athletes have represented their country at the Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Championships, World Cups and World Master's Championship events with numerous wins and podium finishes.
Career Highlights
  • NCCP Certified Level 4 Cycling Coach, Graduate of University of Victoria National Coaching Institute 1998
  • Coach to athletes winning over 50 Canadian Championship medals, numerous Canadian National Championships, Pan American Championships, UCI Masters World Championships and Olympic Championship.
  • 2004 Canadian National Triathlon Center, Olympic Team Cycling Coach
  • 2003 Coach of the Year, Coaches Association of BC
  • Canadian National Cycling Team Coach, 1997-2000
  • Canadian National Team Coach 1998 Commonwealth Games, 1999 Pan Am MTB Championships and numerous other international competitions
  • Coached or competed at over 30 Canadian National Cycling Championship Events
  • Alberta Provincial Cycling Team Coach, 1994-1997
  • Juventus Cycling Team Coach, 1990-1994
  • Author of the NCCP Level 2 Mountain Bike Coaches Manual
  • NCCP Master Course Conductor
  • Instrumental in creating the first ever NCCP Canadian Mountain Bike Coaching Program and Manual
  • Co-author of the Canadian Cycling Association Athlete Development Model, 1998

Some of International Cycling Coaches most successful clients, 1994-present and what results we helped them achieve.

  • Ryan Anderson, Silver Medalist 2007 (Espoir) and 2005 (Junior) Canadian National Road Championships. Canadian National Team member for 2007 Road World Championships and Tour l'Avenir (Espoir) and 2005 MTB World Championships and Tour d' Abitibi as a Junior.
  • Jeff Clarkson, 2007 Canadian Junior National MTB Champion, Canadian National, Team member for 2007 MTB World Championships. 2007 BC Road and MTB Champion, BC Cup Overall XC Champion 2005-2007
  • Greg Bennett, 2002-2003 ITU #1 ranked male Triathlete. 4th place, 2004, Olympic Games Triathlon
  • Jasper Blake, 2006 Ironman Canada Champion
  • Kiara Bisaro, 10th, 2001 UCI World MTB Championships, 1st overall, 2001 Canada Cup, 1st place at 2001 Canada Cup Finals, Silver Medalist 2001 Canadian National MTB Championships
  • Amber Chorney, Silver Medalist 2001 Canadian National MTB Championships, top 15, 1998 UCI World MTB Championships
  • Jeff Clarkson, 2005 BC Cup Overall XC Champion, U-17 men, 2006 BC Team Member, bronze medalist, Canadian MTB Championships
  • Erica Drew, 6th, 2000 UCI World MTB Championships, National Championship medalist in Road, Track and Mountain Bike Races, 1999 -2001
  • Sandy Espeseth, 2000 Canadian Road Race Champion, 2000 Pan American TT Champion, 4th 2001 Liberty Classic World Cup,  Top 16, 2000, 2001 Tour de l'Aude Stage Race,  multiple National Championship medalist
  • Gina Grain, multiple Provincial, National and World Championship medalist, 2004 US Pro Tour Champion
  • Laura Reback, 2003, 2004 ITU Triathlon World Championship Medalist, pro Women.
  • Sue Reid, 2 Time Canadian Master's MTB Champion, 2004 UCI Master's World MTB Champion
  • Emily Sandwith, 2004 Espoir Silver Medalist Canadian National Road Championships, 2003 Junior National Champion Road Race Medalist
  • Kirsten Sweetland, 2006 Triathlon Junior World Champion, 2005-06 Canadian Junior Triathlon Champion
  • Sandra Walter, youngest ever Canada Cup Overall Women's Pro XC Champion, 2003, 2002 BC Cup Champion, currently rides for Swiss based XO-Felt Pro MTB Team
  • Carrie Tuck, 3 times top 10 at UCI World MTB Championships as a junior, two times Canadian National junior Mountain Bike Champion
  • Simon Whitfield, Olympic Gold Medalist, 2000 Olympic Triathlon, multiple World Cup winner 2000-2006, 2002 Commonwealth Games Champion

We work with some very fast Masters aged athletes as well,

  • Bob Thompson (59, Victoria, BC), BC Masters Cycling Champion, Canadian National Championship medalist, 2005 World Masters Games Medalist.
  • Lisa Jaffery (44, Kelowna BC), 2004 Canadian National TT Champion, 2005 World Masters Games Medalist.
  • Michael Cooper (49, Penticton BC), 2005 Canadian National Track Medalist, 2005 World Masters Games Medalist (Track).
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I feel you did a great job of getting me into form for Edmonton and appreciate your input very much.”

Bob Thompson, Master Racer

"I appreciate all the time and effort you put into advising me. Your support of both the physical and mental aspects of training have been a great asset to me on and off the race course. There are so many difficult times in any athletic dream that it is nice to have a coach that supports you through it all."

Amber Chorney, Pro Mountain Biker Team Gary Fisher-Saab

“Your training plan is excellent – thanks very much Steve. I am riding much better in the crits, and can stay in the middle of the pack comfortably. At the start of the season, I never expected to be able to finish the crits even.
Thanks again for all of your help. It has really made a difference.”

Mike Cooper, Master Racer


 As I do a little reflecting while preparing Kirsten to head off to World Championships, I can't help but think of what a profound effect you have had on her performance over the past few months. People always used to say "wait until she learns to cycle", or "wait until she develops some strength to ride the bike" etc. Well ever since you set her up she has become so strong on the bike, that now everyone talks about how she is able to control a race with her strength on the bike. Steve within days of your session, she rode away from a very strong pack in Edmonton, and has done that repeatedly against some very strong American triathletes. At the U.S. Nationals they had a 1.5km hill "Alabama Hill" which was an awesome climb. The women started 2 minutes back of the men, by lap 2 Kirsten was already biking past men on the U.S. National team!!

I just wanted to ensure you were aware of the difference you have made, and thank you so much for your expertise.............!!!!”

Rob Sweetland (Kirsten's father)

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Career Highlights


Simon Whitfield
Sandy Espeseth
Ryan Anderson
Kiara Bisaro



“I feel you did a great job of getting me into form for Edmonton and appreciate your input very much.”

Bob Thompson, Master Racer

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