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Steve Lund is one of the few NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 4 Certified Coaches and NCCP Master Course Conductors in Canada, graduating from the University of Victoria's National Coaching Institute in 1998. A former Canadian National Cycling Team and Canadian Olympic Triathlon Team Cycling Coach, Steve has been coaching full time since 1994. Many of Steve's athletes have represented their country at the Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Championships, World Cups and World Master's Championship events with numerous wins and podium finishes.

Team Aviawest-Rocky Mountain season update

International Cycling Coaches is a proud sponsor of Victoria best development team, Aviawest-Rocky Mountain
(www.Aviawest-RMB.com). The team had some great results this season...
News - Team Aviawest-Vega season update

ICC Triathletes best in the World!

International Cycling Coaches has been a leader in Triathlon bike coaching since 2000.
News - ICC Triathletes best in the World!

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Steve Lund is one of the few NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 4 Certified
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